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Contact us to explore the option that is right for you!!

We offer a number of flexible plans for our clients based on their business needs.  The options below includes hourly, package, and retainer plans.  Our goal is to understand your business need and enable you to Juggle Time Right, reduce cost, and increase productivity.


The hourly option provides the client with an opportunity to have tasks completed as necessary and may not require the need for a long-term commitment. No minimum number of hours are required with this option.


The packages option provides the client with an opportunity to migrate away from tracking hours. This plan provides an opportunity to partner with the Virtual Assistant and focus on the end product and not hours.


The retainer option is set at a dedicated number of hours and is great for those clients who adore stability and are willing to consistently partner with a Virtual Assistant. This plan provides an opportunity to partner allowing the growth of a relationship between both parties to determine needs and establish routines that create optimum success.

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